Custom Leather Patches (100% Real Quality Bridle Leather)


  • Can I Customize My Patch Size Before Ordering?

    Dekni Creations has done thousands of patches for hundreds of companies and have found these patch sizes to be ideal for leather patch hats. If you are looking to have a patch made for your hats, these are the most common sizes and shapes. If you need something more customized, please reach out to our purchasing team at

  • Can I Mix and Match Patch Colors and Shapes?

    Each Design is placed into your cart separately. A design consists of a single artwork, shape, and color. Each design will be used for its own bulk discounts and minimum order quantities, not allowing for mixing and matching. You are however welcome to order multiple designs, though you will need to use the patch designer from scratch each time.

  • How Long Will it Take to Receive My Patches?

    Our standard turn around time for Leather Patches is 3-5 weeks from Mockup approval. Once your order has been processed and approved you will be a provided an estimated ship date based off our current production schedule. If you are interested in a rush order, please contact us at

  • How Can I Apply My Patches to My Apparel?

    We offer two options for helping you attach your hats to your apparel:

    Engraved Sewing Channel - By Engraving a thick channel around the border of your patch provides the perfect guide for hand sewing your patches to any surface.

    Heat Activated Adhesive Backing - If requested we will apply an adhesive backing to your patches which can be activate by heat and pressure via a Heat-press or similar machine.

  • Do You Have a MOQ or Offer a Bulk/Wholesale Discounts?

    As a wholesale supplier Dekni Creations offers bulk discounts on all of our products, including Leather Patches (please refer to the price chart below for the break down of our price tiers). Our Minimum Order Quantity for Leather Patches is 24 Units.

    If you have a wholesale/retail sales permit/certificate for consideration, you can submit that information here.

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