May 21, 2019

Made in the USA from the highest quality vegetable tanned bridle leather, our custom leather keychain fobs are the perfect product to brand your company on.
vegetable tanned bridle leather engraved by dekni creations
After being templated and formatted for the laser to run at optimal power and speed, we load the leather hide onto our laser beds and download the templated artwork to the lasers.
vegetable tanned bridle leather laser engraved by dekni creations
Hand polished, cleaned and assembled, we take time to make sure the finished product shines.
handcrafted custom leather keychains by dekni creations
After, we run each keyfobs backend through our splitters which thins down the leather to allow us to fold it over.
custom leather goods in bulk by dekni creations
We use top quality Fiebings products to care for the leather.
custom laser engraved leather goods by dekni creations
If we spot any fraying, we use our torch to burn off any excess..
burning of freying with torch on custom leather keychain fob by dekni creations
And use a raw hide mallet to help us break in and fold over the thick leather piece.
raw hide mallet for custom handcrafted leather goods by dekni creations
Quality hardware and durable rivets, ensures this piece to last a lifetime.
quality hardware and durable eco friendly leather by dekni creations
Every piece is carefully handcrafted you won't find a better keyfob out there.
custom handcrafted leather goods by dekni creations
The rivet press is used to press our double capped rivets together, to hold the keychain fob intact.
artesian rivet press for handcrafted quality engraved leather keychain fobs by dekni creations
Vegetable tanned bridle leather ages beautifully softening up over time taking on the character of its owner.

Customize your leather keychain fob now by clicking here!

Watch the video below to see how the leather keychain fob is made in action!

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