March 25, 2019

As a brand it is important to set yourself a solid and authentic foundation to build off of. Trends come and go as quickly as a new brand.

So how do you set yourself apart from being a fly by night brand?

Most of our clients that see success with merchandise are not a primary clothing brand. Ie brewery , coffee shop, band, club/ festival, and or church.

What do all of these businesses / organizations have that contributes to their success in selling merchandise in bulk?

Surprisingly to some, not just trendy designs or instagram followers .

Their patrons are invested in the community and vision they provide. It is truly, “bigger than the t-shirt”

Merchandise sales are a direct correlation of creating a community and conveying a clear vision coupled with a trustworthy brand.

 What do we define as a Trustworthy brand ?

A trustworthy brand listens to their audience and works to serve their needs within reason.

A trustworthy brand delivers quality products that are true to their craft and embody the love , blood sweat and tears that went into creating the foundation of their company. 

A trustworthy brand is not a watered down trendy attempt at trying to be something you are not with hopes to gain sales. People smell it and they want nothing to do with it at best you may make a quick buck but long term credibility will be sparse.

What I believe you should look for when your brand is ready to do merchandise for resale or promotional purposes.

Ask yourself , “Why do my customers support my brand?”

 Hopefully your answer is some of the following value adds:


-quality service

-great experience 


-cutting edge development 

If your brand has survived off of these above deliverables it is essential that your branded merchandise or promotional goods embodies these same qualities that your fans have grown to love and respect.

If you are a new brand it is important that you build your business off of these principles. 

One thing that is the center of focus with business is making the customer happy. While this is absolutely true one common mistake many businesses make is a lack of mutual respect and relationship building with vendors they purchase from to build their business. 

As a business providing a product your vendors play a pivotal role in the success of your company. Pick the wrong vendor and you will continually fail to deliver to your patrons. 

Communication is key to any good relationship be sure to convey your expectations clearly and ask questions when you are unsure about how something may work. 

See multiple red flags? Well it may be your sign to abandon ship and find a new vendor =/ 

Choosing a vendor can be exhausting.  Before coming to Dekni, most of our clients express that they have used multiple embroiders or have tried different sources for screen printing, headwear, and leather patches but their experience was poor and over complicated. 

We want you to continue to focus on growing your brand as we offer you an efficient way to brand your company with product that we are happy to put our name behind. 

Our goal at Dekni is to provide efficient ordering, top notch product, timeless options and a classic appeal. We specialize in business to business . Our team is straight to the point and we will always do our best to serve our client’s needs. 

We are confident we can help your brand grow.

Check out our catalog and let us help you customize your next merch order Have further questions?  Contact us  we would be happy to help you with any questions about our services. 


Thank you and God Bless,


Chad A. Markey



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